Women’s Beachwear – Be in Style!

Women’s Beachwear – Be in Style!

Fashion trends are changing all the time and every woman wants to know the newest and hottest styles. What’s in style for women’s beachwear 2019?

The Bikini

Of course the bikini is always fashionable! What once was unthinkable is now almost a staple for every woman to have. Get a nice tan and worry less about awful tan lines.

In early 1900s it was a punishable crime to wear even just a form-fitting one piece suit. You could be charged with indecent exposure. Eventually by the 1940s it was normal to see a modest two-piece swim suit. The original two-piece was a halter-top upper and short-like bottoms that covered the navel and rear.

By 1960s and 70s it had gained so much popularity that it was now a trend. Fast forward to the 90s and it seems the bikini has been getting smaller and smaller ever since. Today almost anything goes and mostly Hollywood celebrities seem to set the biggest trends. Today’s trends seem to be sleek and low cut.

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One Piece

What used to be the “mom swim suit” has now been redesigned and become actually quite sexy!

If you’re more modest and comfortable showing less skin, no worries, there are plenty of ways to still be stylish instead of having a boring plain one piece swim suit.

A halter top style is great for anyone wanting to get sun on their shoulders and upper back. To avoid tan lines, simply untie behind the neck and voila, no tan lines. Just don’t forget you’re untied! I have seen some really pretty strapless one piece suits as well.

Sporty swim suits

Maybe you want something sporty and more comfortable. I love the tan-kini. With a tank top upper and bikini bottom or shorts lower, you’re not sacrificing style for comfort. The one piece can also be a sporty style.

Add a beach sarong as a cover up paired with a wide brimmed hat and you can’t go wrong. Always remember, we are ALL beautiful no matter what size or shape we are, embrace your beauty!

Have Fun!

Have fun in the sun this year and don’t forget your sunscreen! Feel free to share pictures in the comments below of your beach trips and favorite places to go.

Cheers x

Jordyn Murphy

Founder of justbeachlife.com


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