What You Need at the Beach

What You Need at the Beach

Do you ever go on trips and when you arrive to your destination you realize you have forgotten something? I think we all have been there at one time or another. Here is my compilation of what you need at the beach every time you go. This list I’ve put together for you is my personal beach essentials list. These things I refuse to leave home without!


1. Cover up – Beach Sarong

I absolutely love these! You can be wearing a tiny bikini and wrap one of these around and be suitable enough to go in and grab a bite to eat at a beach-side restaurant, or grab a drink at the bar while being fashionable and far less exposed. I find these to be very chic and classy and the great thing about them is you can just simply untie it and be ready for the beach in less than 2 seconds!

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash
Blue sarong

There are tons of different ways to wrap and tie a beach sarong. You can make it into a skirt, a halter dress, a sleeveless dress, and many more – get it here on Amazon.

2. Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

So, I have extremely sensitive skin and I have to make sure I apply it multiple times throughout the day to stay protected from the sun’s UV rays. My favorite product is Neutrogena sunscreen Dry-Touch SPF 100. It offers awesome protection and doesn’t irritate my skin.

It has no oily or greasy residue and I use it on both my face and body. I find that it lasts longer than most other sunscreens and when I get in the pool it doesn’t leave an oily film.

Neutrogena Dry-Touch 100 SPF

or for kids you can try the Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Spray (Available in a twin-pack)

3. Beach Mat

Most people take towels to sit or Iie on. Some take folding chairs. I find it much easier (and cleaner) to bring a folding beach mat or a straw beat mat. Towels hold in sand no matter how much you shake them out. With a mat your car will stay much cleaner.

Beach mats also take up way less space, so you have more room for luggage!

4. Portable Charger and Waterproof Beach bag

This doesn’t seem like a very beach item, but hold on and let me tell you why I always have this with me. I have children, so I try to make lots of memories with them. They love the beach almost as much as I do and we take an abundance of photos wherever we go.

My phone is usually what I take all my pictures and videos with. I came across this awesome device one day and now I never go anywhere without it. The Samsung Portable Fast Charger is the best investment for anyone that stays on the go a lot, or for someone that forgets to charge their phone.

The Samsung Portable Fast Charger comes with several different attachments. It is designed so that it can be charged on a wall outlet (there is also a car charger sold seperately) and it will hold charge until you are ready to use it to charge your phone or other personal device.

Be sure to have a waterproof beach bag to keep your portable charger and electronics in. I also like to bring a separate smaller waterproof bag to keep wet swimwear in until I can wash them. This way everything is separated and what needs to stay dry does stay dry.

What are Your Go-To Items?

This is only a small list of my beach essentials. Everyone has their own favorites and we would love to know yours. Share below in the comment section and let us know what else you like to take on your beach trips.

Wishing you all sunshine and smiles!

Until next time,

Jordyn Murphy

Founder of justbeachlife.com



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