Weddings at the Beach – Top 5 Wedding Beaches

Weddings at the Beach – Top 5 Wedding Beaches

Who doesn’t love weddings at the beach! I dream of having a beautiful wedding on the beach, with the sounds of waves quietly crashing on the shore and a colorful sunset painted across the sky. Sounds heavenly, right? Here I have put together my top 5 favorite locations – in case you might be looking to make that dream a reality!

Caneel Bay – U.S. Virgin Islands

If you are wanting a private beach setting, this is the spot for you! Caneel Bay is a 170-acre paradise in the Virgin Islands, rich with wildlife and history. The receptions are held in one of two places;Turtle Bay Estate, which is a former plantation house from the 18th century, or in Sugar Mill Ruins.

Ceremony views are picture-perfect and romantic, with 7 different beaches to choose from and honeymoon spots as well! You really can’t go wrong at Caneel Bay.romanticbeach

Caribbean – Dominican Republic – Samaná Peninsula

With hundreds of miles of gorgeous sandy beaches and warm temperatures all year, a Caribbean wedding on the beach sounds ideal. The Samaná Peninsula is a tropical paradise that you’ll never forget. With it being less developed than most areas in the Dominican Republic, you get to witness the natural beauty of the rain forest. There are local tours to gorgeous waterfalls, fishing and whale-watching, and more.

There is also an array of luxurious resorts right on the beach to choose from!

Florida – Treasure Island

Looking for something a little closer to home? Maybe you don’t like flying. Well, if so, Florida has many beaches to choose from. My favorite beaches tend to be on the Gulf of Mexico side of the state, which takes me to my next favorite – Treasure Island. Treasure Island is exactly what it says it is – a treasure!

Sunset Beach on Treasure Island tends to be a more popular wedding spot. It’s white sandy beaches are picture perfect and more private. There are no hotels at Sunset Beach, however, there are many resorts that are just a short drive away that would be perfect for spending your honeymoon.

Without having to fly family and friends overseas, this makes it one of the less-expensive [but still BEAUTIFUL] beach wedding locations.

Hawaii – Ko Olina Oahu

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Hawaiian wedding! In Ko Olina Oahu you can enjoy authentic Hawaiian food, watch traditional Hula dancing, and take in all the tropical scenery that comes with being in Hawaii. The locals are extremely welcoming and generous which makes it a more laid back atmosphere.

Stay in Ko Olina Beach Villa and be only several minutes away from town to enjoy the local markets, restaraunts, and shopping. Enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the most spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Take a night walk on the beach during your honeymoon retreat and feel the warm ocean breeze. During the day you can sunbathe and swim and, who knows, maybe even try out some surfing. It will be a trip to remember!

Ia Ora Beach – Tahiti – French Polynesia

I saved my personal favorite and the most unique for last! You may be thinking “well sleeping in a hut isn’t very luxurious,” but it is all about the experience! Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort offers luxury bungalows over the water in a protected Marine area. The water is crystal clear here and I for one, love the ocean and love to snorkel and see the rich marine life that call the ocean their home.

This is a perfect location for a romantic getaway wedding and honeymoon. Treat yourself to cocktails at the beachside bar or be pampered at Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort’s full-service spa. There’s nothing like the peace and tranquility offered in Ia Ora. It is simple but maintains elegance and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Why choose a wedding at the beach?

So many couples are breaking away from the typical traditional weddings these days. I think it’s a nice and relaxed way to say your I do’s in a comfortable environment with the added plus of not having to decorate as extensively. The natural scenery is sometimes all you will need. If you’re like me, you love the outdoors and honestly, I would spend every day on the beach if I had the option.

For those reading, I hope this has given you some help on where you might want to book your dream wedding at the beach. Feel free to leave comments below. We would all love to hear your experiences at these locations if you’ve been. Maybe you have another amazing location you want to share with everyone – feel free to do so!

Well wishes to all,

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4 thoughts on “Weddings at the Beach – Top 5 Wedding Beaches

  1. Those are really beautiful locations. I am not planning a wedding soon, but they all look like places that out be wonderful for a Dream vacation as well. After this winter they are quite inviting. I really enjoyed your description of each location and the feeling of peace with reading your blog. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next.


    1. It’s warming up and getting to be beach season again. Maybe you will have a chance to visit somewhere closer and easier to travel this year!
      Thank you for commenting and giving your feedback!

  2. I’m in love with Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Your photo is beautiful. Sounds like you could go on a romantic walk on the beach or take a hike. The location is fairly close to the the U.S. where I live. Would make a nice winter getaway too.

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