Beach Wedding Dresses – Choosing the right one

Beach Wedding Dresses – Choosing the right one


Because our last topic was beach weddings, I thought it was only fitting that we cover finding the best beach wedding dresses to go with.

We all have different styles and ideas, but I think one thing probably goes without saying when it comes to a practical wedding dress for at the beach – that the choice tends to be more on the simple side. Today I have put together a few of my favorite types of weddings dresses that I think would do well for being on the beach.

My aim is to show you that simple does not mean it cannot be just as gorgeous as any other wedding gown! Take a look at these lovely gowns and you’ll see for yourself.


Flowing and Elegant

This dress will make you appear to be a goddess of the seas. Wearing a loose A-line gown like the one pictured would make your comfort level unbeatable. Find one with an intricate or beaded top section and it will add more depth to the look.

This dress style would also be lighter than most because of the fact is has less material that would weigh you down. We wouldn’t want you being hot and miserable dragging your dress through sand trying to take pictures and make memories when all you can think of instead is how much you want to get into something more comfortable.

So take a look and try on some of this style and I believe you will thank me later.




This sheath style dress is a little more form-fitting than the previous. With this wedding dress, you can have a more luxurious appearance. With the intricate lacing being common in this style, it adds an ultra-feminine touch.

Overall this dress would still be comfortable on the beach and there are many ways you can customize the look with different additions and accessories – such as a silk or embellished sash around the torso to accent the waist.

These first two dresses I can not help but picture the bride dipping her feet in the water and taking romantic pictures with the groom standing in the water together. You’ll be on the beach, a little water won’t hurt and those memories will be treasured forever.



Mermaid Dress – Of course!

Having a mermaid dress on the beach is what it’s about! People have been fascinated with mermaids for ages so why not wear a mermaid gown and dress to impress your guests!

The silhouette is so sexy and sleek and can be accessorized to your liking. It still offers a more light feel than traditional ballgown wedding dresses. This dress style has become quite popular since the 2000s. The only downfall to this style is the possibility of feeling restricted because of the design.

Since the hemline is about knee-height, your movement may be more confined. It is still a beautiful dress and one I wouldn’t hesitate to wear if I knew I wasn’t going to be doing very much walking.


Short Dresses – A Little Less Traditional

If you have a little wildness and sass you might love the idea of wearing a simple and cute short wedding dress. You would definitely find maximum comfort in this and can dip your feet in the water without worrying about having a sandy wet train to drag everywhere. Yuck!

These are so cute and trendy and I love the fact that some of these dresses can be dressed down and even worn at other events or functions, so you wouldn’t even have to change for the reception meal.

I can’t imagine any of the others could beat the perks of having this stylish look.




So Many Options

I’ll end with saying this – there are more dress styles than you’d probably be willing to read about. There are the different silhouettes, different neck lines, different lengths and even more is all the different accessories to choose from! Whatever your style is, you have to be happy in it. It’s your day after all!

There are more designs out there that would be great for a beach wedding, but I do hope this helps narrow down some of your choices if you are having trouble deciding on a dress.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Share a story about your beach wedding even. We would love to hear from you!

Wishing you all the very best!

Jordyn Murphy – Founder of


2 thoughts on “Beach Wedding Dresses – Choosing the right one

  1. What lovely dresses. I think I would go with a tea length in an off white. That way, as you point out, I can dip into the water without getting my train wet. Beautiful dresses.

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